Form Ricerca Editori


EDIT16 provides 2,672 authority records for printers, publishers and booksellers, including 5,794 names of printing workshops either in preferred or variant form.

Authority records include short biographic data, information on places and dates of activity, addresses, signs and devices used by printers and booksellers.

Bibliographic references and the form of names registered in bibliographic sources and those found in sixteenth-century editions are also provided.

The forms of names are given according to the Guida alla catalogazione in SBN. Libro antico (1996). 

A publisher's name may be:
  • only one name (e.g. 1: Carlino, Giovanni Giacomo; 2: Antoni, Antonio degli)
  • two or more names (e.g. Guerra, Domenico & Guerra, Giovanni Battista)
  • the name of a company (e.g. Società tipografica bolognese)
  • the sign or address of the company (e.g. 1: Al segno della Speranza; 2: Sotto il Corridore di Sua Altezza)