What is alphabetica

Alphabetica is an advanced bibliographic portal, which retrieves news and materials through an integrated search system that connects different databases, all managed and coordinated by the ICCU. The portal returns to the user materials present in OPAC SBN, Manus Online, EDIT16, Internet Culturale, Digitized Historical Catalogs, 14-18 - Documents and images of the Great War and MOVIO - Online Virtual Exhibitions. The portal is aimed at a curious public, who wishes to deepen their knowledge of a specific topic or material by building a personalized collection or even just by exploring the heritage of Italian libraries. Simple and immediate, Alphabetica has been designed to give those who use it the possibility to create personalized cultural itineraries using the bibliographic information and digital materials available as basic elements. Just as speeches and thoughts are generated from the combination of the letters of the alphabet, collections and cultural itineraries are born by linking together data on the cultural heritage preserved in Italian libraries, to be browsed directly digitally or localized for physical consultation.

Thematic search
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Search results

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The insights
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